Madness Sprite sheet

2007-08-13 02:32:52 by Lightwing1074

Well, its coming and its almost done with the guns. Then its for the heads bodies feet hands and backgrounds and posters. After that enjoy! I really hope to get it out on my deadline: September 5th 2007. Well BYE! And also the site is updated again.


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2007-08-13 05:44:17

good luck buddy

Lightwing1074 responds:

Haha, its almost done hahahahaha.


2007-08-14 14:44:19

Whoa. whoa. whoa... wait a sec, ur makin' a flash!? 0_o.

Lightwing1074 responds:



2007-09-01 00:29:45

Your a n00b. I owned you in my review. n/93281

Lightwing1074 responds:

Uhm. Dude, that was a mistake. AKA: Wrong review for the wrong song. So deal with it.


2007-09-04 11:49:22

Okay, so it's more music. Okay, that's coo' too.

PS: Yeh, you proably know I can't contact you here much, but I can always get to you at our Wiki-Pages.

Lightwing1074 responds:

I'm not into Wikipedia But sign up for MadnessWiki. I'm most active there.