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First was funnehier but wahtever

I actually wanted to rate it 8 but im SUCH A NICE GUY BUT I BET YOU WANT MOAR SO I RATED IT A 5 YOU HAPPEH?!


All he had to do is open the door but yet he didn't and he did ridiculous things to get it. Funny how ppl will do anything to get to their goal.

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Good job shrinkz! I loved it! Escpecially the beg for mercy part! HAHA!

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Really great! I like this game...alot. Hell, its even, or should I say way better then Madness Interactive. MI sucked, totally. but this owns. THIS....IS....MADNESS!

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1. Remove the hands from the guns, they look bad on them.
2. The bottom-middle hands don't move.
3. Add yellow blood for the yellow blooded 133t crew.
4. Few more people choices wouldn't hurt.
5. Few more blood splatters wouldn't hurt also.
6. The antipathy axe is screwed near the top middle. Its grey, but its supossed
to be able to be see-through.
7. Few more guns.
8. More bodies if your going with no.4.
9. Can you make a feature which you can turn the bodies/heads/arms/guns/gore the way you want? (Like Madness Scene Creator 2 from another submiter).
10. Tricky's face is more bloodier/hurt then that.
(If you changed/added those, it'll be the best scene creator up to date).
Good Scene Creator BTW.

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Doctor-Gordon responds:


Pretty good.

You took your time on this and i love it. But do you think that you can put more stuff in the seperate way, more feet, more bodies/heads/guns in both directions etc. Then it would be PERFECT.

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PlatinumX9 responds:

what do you mean the seperate way?

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SHIT! I forgot to review this song, my-bad. I seriously need to recheck your list. Anyways i like the song....alot. The only thing that was negative is the length >.>, 5 minutes? I'm sure that 4 could do abit better. And for not reviewing i'll go hit myself with a broomstick...that will hurt...i promise.

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Helix6 responds:

Probably right... Don't hurt yourself. Otherwise I'd have to hurt myself for not responding for over 6 months.

Pretty good, but has too many techno elements.

Wow, Helix. You got a new song out, and it would be hard to not to review. You see, you made another song that would be known as "Operation Red Rock's" Brother, with the mellow and other mellow beats. The voice clips are awesome but there was too much techno elements in the song which kills the Industrial side of the song. You also kinda removed the purpose of Industrial to the song, although you kept the prime industrial element in it. I really would like to see more, but don't loose it up. Try to take control of the music flow of its techno partner, and reverse it to industrial. I would love to hear more, i'll be wating for the new track soon.

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Helix6 responds:

Thanks for the analysis. I'm not sure if I agree, but I definitely appreciate the opinion. It is definitely more akin to some of my new stuff (more relaxed sounding).


Even though i never played the game the song sounds well made and cool. Worth a download. But sometimes in some parts its dead. Well, not that anyone will barely hear. Lol. Anyways its got the SF rhythm in it but one part it sounds like mario. But whatever.


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